Well, I guess today is as good as any other day to release this little thing that cost me more than I initially thought!

'A Place to Rest' started as a small idea in the back of my head while I struggled with another project (that is currently stopped). As I saw myself unable to even start prototyping the idea I had in mind some others smaller ideas popped in. After some failed attempts I decided to stop that project and make smaller things to free my mind (and learn more Ink).

So I decided to approach two of those smaller concepts and 'A Place to Rest' seemed like something easier to start than the other (no spoilers, it will be my next thing!). This small game is another step in my Ink-learning trip so it was settled!

The thing is... it took slightly more than I expected because internally it was more complex than I initially thought and... because well... the file got corrupted the day I finish it. It was my fault, I saved wrong some stuff and I ended up having my .json on top of mi .ink and everything broke. I was about to put it aside and move on to the next one, but in the end, I decided to finish it, review it and leave it here for all of you. It's not much, but it's yours to read and enjoy! 


A Place to Play in browser
Apr 28, 2022

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