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Listed in Games Section. It is not a game. Read the description before downloading. I would not have gotten it if i knew it was  not a game and just the painting w/sounds.


Sorry that you felt that way. It says in the description what it is and what experimental take on video art it is.  I think it does fit in the games section as an experimental thing, but I do understand what you say. I see you donated some money so, if you want (and it's possible) I can give it back to you! 


I should have read the description.  I meant it as a heads up to others I will delete my comment if you like, I see how it can be seen as offensive. I meant no disrespect and it was a cool idea, just not what I was looking for. You created something cool and deserve the donation. I hope it helps spur on your next creative project even if it was a small donation. Thank you.

No need to delete it! You mean no harm and as you say it might help someone! Thanks for what you say and thanks for the donation and your time (which is more worthy!)